Many years of experience in construction and fabrication of structures

The main activity of the company is the execution of construction works in the field of civil engineering and building construction, fabrication of all types of steel structures, as well as fabrication and assembly of ship equipment.

Aulon d.o.o. carries out activities linked to shipbuilding and other works in the metal industry, primarily involving the manufacture and assembly of piping for ship systems (pipe fitters, blacksmiths, ship fitters, grinders), welding, electrical installations in shipbuilding (marine electricians, electrical locksmiths), and the fabrication of steel structures for bridges, buildings and stadiums. Since its establishment, as a subcontractor we have been engaged in several private and state-owned national shipyards as well as on working sites outside Croatia.

Polcenigo-Udine, San Giorgio di Nogaro, Monfalcone in Italy, for clients CIMOLAI s.p.a., MAEG COSTRUZIONI s.p.a. and FINCANTIERI s.p.a. We also work in shipyards located in Germany (Hamburg, Flensburg and Bremerhaven) as well as in refineries and in the chemical industry.

The company Aulon d.o.o. performs part of its activities related to fabrication of steel bridge structures in its manufacturing plant in Croatia (Vodnjan). The said plaint is currently manufacturing steel structures for the Italian and Luxembourgian client (Cimolai S.p.a and JDN Group).  

Aulon d.o.o is able to make different types of elements of steel structures (steel structures for industrial halls, different roof structures, structures in civil engineering etc.).

The company Aulon d.o.o. is able to provide the end customer with corrosion protection works, which means that all products manufactured in the production facility in Vodnjan could be right there adequately protected against corrosion by use of coatings.  

Considering the technological possibilities we have at our disposal (the size of the production plant, load capacity of cranes, location and size of our storage facility), we are able to make structures of even greater size and mass.

Responsibilities of all employees

All employees together with the managing director are involved in achieving quality policy objectives and have primary responsibility for the quality of their own work. The quality policy objective is to effectively improve business operation and competitiveness in the market. To ensure the implementation of the quality policy, a documented quality system has been established in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and SCC standards. All employees are expected to strictly comply with the provisions laid down in the documents of the established quality management system.

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